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The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) is the official organization for professional female tennis players around the world. The purpose of the WTA is to govern the rules, tournaments and television coverage of professional women’s tennis. Basically, the WTA performs the same duties for women’s tennis as the ATP does for men’s tennis.


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With more than 2200 members from 96 different countries, the WTA is one of the world’s largest professional sports organizations for women. The Sony Ericsson WTA Tour is comprised of 53 tennis tournaments events and awards more than $86,000,000 in prize money to its players. The Sony Ericsson WTA Tour includes the following tournament series:

  • Grand Slam Events
  • Premier Mandatory
  • Premier 5
  • Premier 700
  • International tournaments

WTA tennis rankings are calculated in much the same manner as the ATP. A points system is used to determine the rankings of every member of the WTA. When tennis players win certain events, they receive points that are used to calculate their rankings. The more prestigious a tournament is, the more points it is worth. For example, a win at a Grand Slam event is worth 2,000 points and a win at an International event is worth 280 points.

2011 WTA Tennis Betting

WTA tennis betting is growing at a steady clip as women’s tennis becomes ever more popular. It’s one of the few sports that appeals to both men and women. Men may sometimes start out watching WTA tennis events for the visual aspect but it’s hard not to be drawn into the intrigue of professional tennis and become a true fan. When people become comfortable with WTA tennis, that is usually the point at which they begin betting on WTA tennis matches.

Most tennis betting sites make tennis betting available year around on various WTA Tour tournaments. The Grand Slam events are the biggest betting events for both men and women’s tennis but those are hardly the only betting opportunities. If you keep up with WTA tennis, you’ll find that there are many events to bet on each year.

One of the greatest things about WTA tennis betting is that it is easy to find profitable bets. There is not as much analysis of women’s tennis as there is for other sports, so people know less about betting. This makes it so that you can find bets in which one player is undervalued and another player is overvalued.

WTA Tennis Betting Odds

WTA tennis betting odds are set by tennis bookmakers in order to dictate the payouts for each betting event. The purpose of these odds is to encourage an equal number of tennis bettors on each side of the bet. This makes it so that the sportsbook doesn’t have to pay off bets with money out of its own pocket.

Let’s say that we have the number one ranked WTA tennis player squaring off against the number 30 ranked tennis player. Sportsbooks know that if the payoffs were the same for both players, everyone would just bet on the highest ranked player. So in order to get bets on both players, sportsbooks offer higher payouts for the underdogs and lower payouts for the favorites. With this system in place, the sportsbook can just use the losing bets to pay off the winning bets.

Contrary to popular belief, sportsbooks do not set the odds based on how they think the match will play out. The only goal is to get an even amount of action on both sides of the bet – not to make predictions.  That’s also why you sometimes see the lines move after the bet has been opened for business. If the sportsbook sees an uneven amount of betting, they will adjust the odds to encourage even action on both sides of the bet.

Live 2011 WTA Odds

Our live WTA odds page is automatically updated to display the odds for all upcoming tennis bets. Bodog Sportsbook has a special feed that displays all upcoming WTA tennis bets and their respective odds. You can find the page here:

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