Wimbledon Betting Tips

The following Wimbledon betting tips are designed to help you make smart tennis picks when betting during Wimbledon events. Wimbledon is the biggest betting event in tennis and also one of the most exciting to watch. What makes it even more exciting is winning a little money with well chosen bets.

The Grass Court

The grass courts at Wimbledon are one of the first factors you should consider when making your tennis betting picks. Grass courts cater to different strengths than clay courts and this makes a huge difference in the outcome of each match. Certain tennis players do great on grass court and others do terribly. Strong serve-and-volley players typically perform the best on grass courts thanks to their fast surface and low bounces. For example, John McEnroe and Pete Sampras were both well known grass court tennis players.

But don’t forget that Wimbledon’s grass courts are not as fast moving as they once were. In 2001, Wimbledon changed its grass courts to a different type of grass and soil, which slowed down the play significantly. In more recent years, strong clay court players such as Rafael Nadal have put on impressive displays at Wimbledon.

Look for Value, Not a Sure Thing

Finding bets that provide value is better than looking for the next “sure thing” pick. In tennis betting, there is no such thing as a sure thing. Even in matches where a well known tennis player is heavily favored, there are no guarantees. Injuries, surprise upsets and many more things can happen to suddenly change the outcome.

Upsets are unlikely and that’s why tennis betting sites set such bad odds on the favorite. In some matchups, you have to risk $4 for every $1 in potential earnings. And that is where we get to finding bets that provide value. You don’t need to find sure-thing bets consistently; you only need to find bets in which the odds don’t line up with reality. For example, if you know that a favorite is overrated due to a nagging injury, you might want to place a bet on the undervalued underdog.

Value is where you make your money in online tennis betting. You want to find matchups in which one or both contestants is mis-valued. Over the long run, you will make money in tennis betting if you can find those bets in which the underdog is getting better odds than he should or the favorite is getting worse odds than he should.

Consider the Less Anticipated Matches

Any time you have Roger Federer face off against Rafael Nadal, everyone in the world is going to be anticipating and analyzing the match to death. Online sportsbooks spend more time evaluating these matches and take more care in setting the odds because it’s important they get these matches right. These are the types of matches that get the most betting activity. The last thing an online tennis bookie wants to do is lose money on a big match.

You’ll have better luck finding bets with value by analyzing the matches that aren’t as publicized. Online sportsbooks only have so much time in their hands and they have much bigger sports to focus on – they can’t spend weeks analyzing every single little matchup between lesser known players. As a result, you’ll have an easier time finding great odds for your picks.

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