WTA Tennis Odds

2010 French Open Ladies Tennis Odds

These odds are displayed in moneyline format by default. View them in decimal or fractional formats at the Bodog Sportsbook.

The WTA tennis odds displayed here are live tennis odds, updated in real time. Bodog Sportsbook supplies this odds feed for us so the odds you see here are always current. The odds on this page are updated automatically so feel free to check back any time for the most up to date WTA tennis odds.

If you would like to place a bet on any matchup listed here, all you need to do is click on the odds and you’ll be taken to Bodog Sportsbook. For most of the big matches, Bodog Sportsbook offers the best paying odds. Bet365* also has nice tennis odds at times so you may want to compare odds at both sportsbooks.

*Please gamble responsibly. Bet365 and all gambling sites are reserved for responsible adults age 18 or 21 (whichever is applicable in your jurisdiction). All terms and conditions apply.

Live WTA Tennis Odds

Understanding WTA Tennis Odds

The odds listed here are for individual matchup bets. These are bets on the outcome of an individual matchup within a tennis tournament. It’s sort of like placing a bet in football – you choose a team, place a bet and hope they win the match. If you’re looking to place bets on the outright winner of an entire tournament, you will want to visit our tennis futures page instead.

Our tennis odds are displayed in moneyline format by default. If you would prefer to see the odds listed in fractional or decimal format, you can visit Bodog or Bet365 and change the view to the odds format you are most comfortable with. For a detailed explanation of how tennis odds work, take a look at our main tennis odds page. There we explain how the different odds formats work.

Finding the Best WTA Tennis Odds

Bodog usually has the best WTA tennis odds but Bet365 is also quite competitive at times. If you want to find the best possible WTA tennis odds for all your bets, it would be best to check each bookmaker for yourself. Shopping for the best tennis lines is an easy way to maximize your wins, minimize your losses and lock in the best possible long term win rate.

It is also important to find WTA tennis lines that offer value. Your goal in sports betting should always be to find lines that offer value. Even underdogs can have value if they are receiving the right odds. For example, if you have a tennis player who you think has a 30% chance to win the match, but that tennis player is receiving 10-1 odds, you’re going to be in great shape. Sure, you’ll lose this match most of the time but you will profit off these situations in the long run because the payouts are so high.

Now that you have the best WTA odds at your fingertips, the rest is up to you. A combination of research and line shopping will help you make the most money possible through tennis betting. There are a lot of successful tennis punters out there and you can join them if you’re willing to put in a little work. Tennis betting is a fun way to make money and add excitement to every WTA match.

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