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2010 French Open Futures Bets

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Beginning Punters – Tennis Futures Betting Info & Tips

Tennis futures bets are bets that you place now for some event that will take place further in the future than most bets – hence the name “tennis futures.” In terms of online tennis betting, these bets usually take the form of wagers on the winner of an upcoming tournament.

As you can see by the tennis futures odds listed here, many of these bets ask you to pick the winner of an upcoming tournament. Some sportsbooks also offer tennis futures bets in other areas. For example, Bodog Sportsbook provides tennis fans the opportunity to bet on how many Grand Slams a certain player will win this year.

The more likely a tennis player is to win the match, the lower the odds on that player. Tennis bookmakers do not want to have to pay out a ton of money if everybody bets on the superstar tennis player of the year. Instead, tennis sportsbooks want to get a little action on everybody so they can pay off the winners with the losers.

Where Tennis Futures Odds Come From

Online tennis bookmakers such as Bodog and Bet365 choose the odds they wish to offer for each tennis futures bet. All you have to do to see the latest tennis futures odds is check back here regularly. These are odds come straight from Bodog and they are always live and up-to-date.

You may also want to stop by Bet365* and check out their tennis futures odds. Bet365 doesn’t call them “tennis futures” but you will still see the same types of bets in the tennis section. Any time you are considering placing a futures bet, you should check with both sportsbooks to find the best odds for your tennis pick.

*Please gamble responsibly. Bet365 and all gambling sites are reserved for responsible adults age 18 or 21 (whichever is applicable in your jurisdiction). All terms and conditions apply.

The players who are perceived to be the most likely to win a specific tournament do not have great odds. In cases of extremely skilled players, you actually have to wager more money than you stand to win. That is the tradeoff you get in all sports whenever you have bets that look like “sure shots.”

Tennis betting sites offer massive odds on some long shot players in order to get more action on those players. When the sportsbook publishes those numbers, that is not an indication of how unlikely the sportsbook believes that player is to win the tournament. That number only tells you the odds the sportsbook has had to set in order to attract willing bettors.

The Best Tennis Futures Odds

Our top two sportsbooks offer similar odds for most tennis futures bets. However, we have noticed that Bodog tends to offer better odds on big name players while Bet365 tends to offer better odds on the rest of the field. The difference in odds is never huge but it does have an impact over the long run.

If you place bets on long shot players, Bet365 usually has the best odds. This is not always the case, though, so it’s worth taking a quick look at both sportsbooks before placing any tennis futures bets.

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