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#1 – Bodog Sportsbook

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Bodog Sportsbook: Est. 1994 by billionaire playboy Calvin Ayre. Possibly the most respected & trusted online sportsbook in the world. Offers futures bets (outright winners), matchups, and occasional prop bets. While Bodog doesn’t offer the volume of tennis bets as some other bookmakers, your money is secure and cashouts are fast. Sportsbook, casino & poker room access via one wallet. US bettors welcome. Complete Bodog Review

#2 – Bet365 Sportsbook*

Bet365 Sportsbook: Est. 2001. Bet365 offers a wide range of tennis betting options. The high volume of bets available, along with strong financial backing (secure funds), make Bet365 a popular choice for tennis punters. Sportsbook, casino & poker room available via one wallet. No US bettors allowed. The website is available is several different languages and odds can be viewed in decimal, fractional, or American formats.

Thanks to internet-based bookmakers, online tennis betting is now the easiest way to bet on tennis matches all year long. No longer is it necessary to know a bookie or live near a casino. A computer and internet connection is all it takes to place bets on almost any professional tennis match in the world.

Online tennis betting is becoming increasingly popular for both casual and expert punters alike. When you have a tennis bet on the line, matches suddenly become a lot more exciting! On top of that, online tennis betting provides the opportunity to make money while enjoying the world’s greatest sport.

*Please gamble responsibly. Bet365 and all gambling sites are reserved for responsible adults age 18 or 21 (whichever is applicable in your jurisdiction). All terms and conditions apply.

Online Tennis Betting 101

The first step to get started in online tennis betting is to find a tennis betting site. There are literally hundreds of online bookmakers to choose from and they range in quality from highly reputable to downright scary. It can be a major chore sorting through all the online tennis betting sites out there, so we’ve already done the research for you. The following online sportsbooks are the best in the industry, offering easy deposit & withdrawal options, top-notch financial security, great software, and some of the best online tennis betting options in the world.

  1. Bodog SportsbookRead Our Review – No US Bettors
  2. Bet365 Sportsbook

After you choose an online tennis betting site, the next step is to create an account and make your first deposit. This part is simple because the sportsbooks walk you through the entire process. You’ll see big “Join Now” buttons on the front page of each online sportsbook. Just follow the directions on the next screen and you’ll be good to go.

Once you have a real money account at an online tennis betting site, you’ll be ready to place your first tennis bet. Just navigate your way to the sportsbook’s tennis betting section and you’ll find a big list of tennis betting options. The last thing you have to do now is choose your bet, type in your bet amount and hit the “submit” button.

For expert advice and tennis betting tips, offers free tennis picks, matchup breakdowns, and player vs player win records. Any time we have insight to help you win more bets, we share it.


About Online Tennis Betting

Online sportsbooks offer tennis betting year round on major tennis events and upcoming tennis matches. There are several different types of tennis bets that people like to place. In outright tennis bets, the goal is to correctly guess which tennis player will come out on top of the entire tournament. In tennis matchup bets, you pick an individual match and place a bet on one player to win the match.

Tennis futures are a little more long term in nature. An example of a futures tennis bet would be “How many Grand Slams will Roger Federer win in 2010”? You’ll then be able to pick any numbers between 0 and 4. If you guess correctly, you’ll receive a handsome payout. The more difficult the pick, the bigger the potential profit.

Some other online tennis sportsbooks offer even more betting options than that. You’ll see bets such as “first set winner,” “tie break in match,” “first set game score” and much more. These tennis bets really drill down into very specific aspects of each tennis match and tournament. Some bookmakers call them “tennis prop bets” and others just lump them in with all the other betting options.

Advantages of Online Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is not very competitive because there aren’t as many bettors as you might find with American Football or European Football. What this means for you is that linesmakers and sportsbooks don’t spend as much time finding the perfect line every time. If you know your tennis players and are willing to do a little research, you can find profitable lines year round.

The fact that tennis betting is available year round is another advantage itself. Most sports are seasonal and that limits the number of betting opportunities you can find. Sure, you might find small events all year but you won’t find big games outside of each sport’s prime season. With online tennis betting, you have big matches to look forward to all year.

Lastly, the “online” part in online tennis betting is another advantage. When you can choose from several different tennis betting sites, you have the advantage of being able to shop around for the best tennis lines and tennis odds. All you have to do is keep a little money at several of the top tennis sportsbooks and you can place your bets as soon as you find a good line.

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