ATP Tennis

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) is an organization that represents professional tennis players around the world. The ATP is responsible for organizing the ATP World Tour, determining player rankings and testing competitors for drugs. Basically, the ATP keeps men’s professional tennis organized and running smoothly – like the NFL does for American football.


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The ATP is most known for organizing the ATP World Tour each year. The ATP World Tour is a collection of tennis tournaments that includes the four Grand Slam tennis events plus many other smaller events. The ATP world tour consists of the following tennis events:

  • Grand Slam Events
  • ATP World Tour Finals
  • ATP World Tour Masters 1000
  • ATP World Tour 500 Series
  • ATP World Tour 250 Series
  • ATP World Team Cup
  • ATP Challenger Series
  • Futures

Player rankings are determined by how well players perform in these ATP tennis events. The player rankings are based on a points system: when players do well in tournaments, they receive points and invitations to more prestigious tournaments. For example, players who win Masters 1000 tournaments receive 1,000 points towards their rankings. Players who win Grand Slam events earn 2,000 points towards their rankings.

ATP Tennis Betting

ATP tennis betting is the primary type of tennis betting on the internet. Just about every major tennis tournament in the world (including the four Grand Slam events) is organized by the ATP. When you visit online tennis sportsbooks such as Bodog, they have an entire section dedicated to ATP tennis bets.

The majority of tennis bets are placed during the four Grand Slam events but you can bet on ATP tennis events year round. There are tons of tennis tournaments held around the world each year and online tennis bookmakers make it possible to bet on many of these events.

When it comes to individual ATP tennis tournaments, online tennis bookmakers primarily offer two different types of bets. In one bet, players can bet on the outright winner of the whole tournament. These bets are not easy to predict but they result in large payouts when successful. The other type of bet is called the “match-up bet.” In this bet, you can place bets on the winners of individual tennis matches within the tournament.

ATP Tennis Betting Odds

Bookmakers create the odds for each ATP tennis bet based on the perceived skill of each competitor. When you place bets on ATP tennis events, you have to choose between placing a bet that is likely to win vs. placing a bet that offers a big payoff. Both types of bets have their advantages but there are no guarantees in tennis betting. But do not fear – we have pages dedicated to tennis betting tips and tennis picks. The sole purpose of these pages is to help you make better tennis bets.

If you want the latest ATP tennis betting odds, we have an entire page dedicated just to that. The odds listed on that page are automatically updated. Our information comes straight from Bodog Sportsbook so you can be sure you’re always getting the current odds. You can even place bets by clicking on any of the odds displayed on that page. You’ll be taken straight to the sportsbook where you can place your bets and collect your winnings.

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