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Our Latest 2010 French Open Picks & Tips
2010 French Open Odds – Men
2010 French Open Odds – Women

Women’s Singles

On the ladies side, it’s tough to go against Justine Henin. This 4-time French Open Champion is extremely tough to beat here. She’s playing well right now, with a recent win over Sam Stosur in the finals at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in early May.

With all this said, she has a tough draw which could lead to a quarter finals match against Serena Williams. With the two favorites in the same section of the draw, if Serena or Henin comes out the winner of this round, either player would have to be heavily favored from that point.


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Men’s Singles

On the men’s side, of course Rafael Nadal is the big favorite. He seems healthy and as the dominant player at the French 4 of the last 5 years, an early loss would be a surprise. With that said, we don’t get a good return on him at -250. If Nadal stumbles, Federer looks much better at +400. With these odds, I recommend a small bet on Federer, and hope that Nadal falters along the way (not likely, hence the small bet recommendation).

If you’re looking for a bigger risk/reward, take a look at Novak Djokovic at +2000. Being in weaker sections of the draw, a head to head matchup with Nadal in the semi’s is very possible. I’m not a huge fan of Djokovic, but Andy Roddick (6) and David Ferrer (9) are the only other top 10 players in his section of the draw. Ferrer could give Djokovic a great match on the clay, but I’m picking Djokovic to win this potential matchup.

The clay court season hasn’t been good to Djokovic up to this point, with three disappointing finishes of late. His odds reflect the poor start of his season, but his recent results against Nadal could be a sign that his game is coming back. After 5 straight losses to Nadal, Djokovic has won their last three matches. This has to give Djokovic a huge confidence boost if he runs up against the Spaniard in the semi finals.

Two years since his first (and only) Grand Slam win, Djokovic has to be looking at the 2010 French Open as an opportunity to pick up Grand Slam title #2. He’s a talented player with plenty of big-match experience behind him, but can he put it all together at the 2010 French Open? That is the big question, and that’s why he’s +2000. But, given the draw and his recent record against Nadal, Djokovic has a shot at making the finals. Given these odds, I like this bet.

2010 French Open Odds - Men2010 French Open Odds - Ladies
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Which Players Have the Advantage?

Since the French Open is played on clay courts, those with big serves have less of an advantage as they do on grass or hard courts. Immediately you have to move the big servers down the list, and those with better movement and shot making go up the list. This is a big reason why Rafael Nadal had a run of four straight French Open wins, from 2005 through 2008. It’s also one of the main reasons Roger Federer was able to beat Robin Soderling in straight sets at the 2009 French Open final. Also keep in mind that three of Nadal’s final wins came against Roger Federer – both of whom are great shot makers.

At this point, Rafael Nadal is still looking like a great pick for the men’s title. With a recent championship in Monte Carlo (clay courts), Rafa seems to be finding his form once again. After losing his four year reign on the French Open to Roger Federer last year, his will to win should be very high this year.

French Open Weather & How it Effects Betting

The weather during the French Open is usually in the range of 15 – 24 degrees Celsius (60-75 degrees Fahrenheit). Comfortable temperatures generally translates into fewer players having problems with overheating during strenuous matches. This removes some of the advantage that fitter players have during hot tournaments.

If the weather at the 2010 French Open happens to be significantly hotter than typical years, players with better fitness and levels of cardio gain some advantage. In tennis betting, it’s always a good idea to get weather conditions before you choose your picks. Keep in mind that cooler weather closes the gap between fitness levels, while hot weather benefits the fittest players. French Open weather usually closes the gap.

2010 French Open Best Bets

The best bets for the 2010 French Open are shaping up right now. We have several strong tennis players contending for the French Open win this year and it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of tennis betting action this year. The French Open is a popular betting event and will attract attention around the world. Read on for the best 2010 French Open bets.

French Open Underdog Bets:

We love underdog bets in tennis. Big upsets in the early rounds are less expected, so this is where juicy odds on clever picks can result in big wins.

For the 2010 French Open, look for young top 50 players with big shot-making ability and better movement to take down a couple of the older, big servers ranked in the top 20. Players with big shots who tend to lose because of a lack of fitness are better bets in the French Open than hotter tournaments. You may think they’re slackers, but those slackers can surprise opponents in this mild-weathered tournament.

In the coming weeks, and during daily tournament action we will continue to update this page with our favorite underdog bets. Bookmark this page for some great tips and underdog picks throughout the entire 2010 French Open tennis tournament.

Best Underdog Bet – Men’s Singles Outright Winner

Our favorite underdog bet on the men’s side of the draw is Novak Djokovic. While he comes up short time and time again, he’s gained a lot of big-match experience over the last few years. With one Grand Slam title under his belt and everyone picking Rafael Nadal to win, Djokovic might be feeling that he has nothing to lose.

Djokovic and Nadal will likely meet in the semi finals. While Djokovic’s early clay season hasn’t started off well, he’s beaten Nadal in their last three meetings. This will open up Djoko’s confidence and if he plays loose, he could be extremely tough for Nadal to beat. At +2000, this is a very interesting bet.

Best Underdog Bet – Women’s Singles

None. Barring a miracle, Justine Henin looks poised to win her 5th French Open title, and if she doesn’t win , it’ll likely from a loss to Serena Williams in the quarter’s. If these two match up in the quarter finals, pick the winner to take down the title.

None of the other women in the field have proven their ability to beat Henin or Williams on clay, therefore we don’t like any underdog picks for the outright win.

Best Men’s Player to Bet On: While he should be a huge favorite most of the way through, we still think Rafael Nadal is a very worthy bet. Since he’s likely to make a run at the title, lots of small wins along the way will add up. Unless he shows signs of injury, we’ll be betting on him to win every match he plays, keeping our bets the same until the quarter finals where we will drop our bets in half. This will secure our profits in case he loses at the quarters or later. Unless he succumbs to injury, Nadal appears to be a virtual lock to make at least the quarters. If he makes a deep run like expected, even a late round loss should result in an overall win.

Although the draw for the 2010 French Open has yet to be set, we’re picking Nadal for no less then the semi-finals – more likely a finalist or champion. The odds will against us in individual matches, so you’re betting on him to make it deep, picking up small wins the whole way through.

Best Women’s Player to Bet On: The women’s side of the tournament is going to be harder to pick in 2010 than in previous years. Our hearts say Justine Henin has to be considered a threat, our brains wonder if she’s ready to win again.

With four titles in a five year span from 2003-2007, Henin should not be underestimated. With only six tournaments under her belt this season, Justine is already ranked #23 on the WTA Tour. After a 20 month (temporary) retirement, Henin came roaring back at the 2010 Australian Open. She made it all the way to the final match, where she finally lost to Serena Williams in three sets. Is she ready to win? It’s very possible.

With that said, Serena can never be counted out of a Grand Slam. She lives for Grand Slam tournament titles, and anyone who beats her will have to play great tennis.

As the tournament gets closer, and as the draws become announced, we’ll have more information about betting on the women at the 2010 French Open.

When the draws are announced, we’ll also be adding our favorite underdog picks for the 2010 French Open tennis tournament right here.

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